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Switzerland Again and Update.

I haven’t written in my blog for ages. Time just goes so quickly. Well the summer has been wonderful here and I’m working through the summer because I am taking my cousin around Europe for two weeks in October.

This year I decided to take piano lessons, it’s always good for a teacher to be a student. My teacher Walter Lampe is a very good jazz musician and the lessons open up a whole new world of music for me. It’s a very different way of approaching music that I find so interesting. I’m playing classical piano as well as improvising with chords. You can find him at the Muziekpakhuis if you want to have piano lessons too.

I’m also working more and more with people who don’t sing but want to train their voices for public speaking or who just want to have stronger voices for work demands. I sometimes train voice actors and this kind of work I very much enjoy.

This summer I’ve had all kinds of people come for training from all walks of life. Some professional singers and some who have never had lessons before. I love being able to help people understand how to sing more easily. My work is my pleasure it really is.

And so so happy that I’ve been invited back to Switzerland in November to give a master class. I could fly but I think I will take the train so that I can bring Grace my pug with me. Life is always nicer when you have your pug with you. She’s no trouble because she just sleeps while I’m working.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer. I got to take a boat ride during Sail Amsterdam this week, it really was magic to see all the huge sailing boats and be part of the water madness. Boats everywhere!!

My teaching days from September on are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I look forward to welcoming new students who want to train their voices and go from good to amazing.



I’ve been invited to come and give some classes in Switzerland this year. I will be away from the 29th of March until April 10th. I really love traveling and especially love Switzerland so am of course very happy about this great offer.

This year has been flying fast, as they all do. My business is doing well and I am still very happy working.

Things I’ve been working on are having up to date sheet music, developing piano skills, training with a jazz teacher to have a better insight into how to coach jazz voices. I’ve also been coaching a lot of voice over artists and people who want help with their speaking skills.

Come by for a lesson and see if it’s a fit. I have noticed some people feeling a bit shy about coming to me because of the types of coaches I have trained with. I can assure you I welcome beginners and all levels. It’s worth getting a solid foundation in your training, you would never regret that.

And isn’t it lovely to have some spring weather again? We made it through the winter! Welcome spring, so happy to see you back.

New Flyer!

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Already October almost November?

This year is flying fast, the last post was just before going to Barcelona to do an all day training session with Seth Riggs. It was so helpful and I learned a lot. I also recognized many things I am already doing so it was a good confirmation that I’m on the right track.  I never stop with training, I have ongoing sessions with my regular teacher Greg Enriquez who worked with Seth for more than 20 years.  I often book a lesson for him to teach one of my students so I can see what he does differently and what he does the same.

Two weeks ago I went to Milan and did a two hour training session with Michele Fischietti who is a Level 5 Speech Level Singing teacher.  It was very interesting and gave me a new perspective on voice and how to approach training. We lived in Milan as children, the same visit for training I also used to spend time with my sister. It was so wonderful to be in Milan together and we caught up with some of the people who had been in her class at school.

The kind of people who come to me for vocal training are voice actors, professional singers, voice teachers, professional dancesr,  absolute beginner singers, semi professional singers, people who want to find out how their voice can work better for them, musicians who want to sing as well as play an instrument and singer songwriters. Basically everyone.

The studio is still my favorite place to be, I love to sit behind the piano and to give my full attention to whoever is there. I feel absolutely lucky that I have this profession. It’s not just a job, it’s a vocation.


I’m going to Barcelona to do some more teacher training with Seth Riggs. I’m very excited about being able to meet him in person after doing so much training via skype with him. It will also be wonderful to meet other teachers who live in Europe. It means I won’t be available for teaching the third weekend of June.



If you want professional and quality vocal coaching, I am adding new students into my schedule.


* Every student is given a recording of their lesson to listen back to and work with at home in between lessons.

* If a student’s lesson  is delayed then their time is extended to ensure that a full hour is given. If a student arrives late the lesson will still end at the scheduled time.

* Students can receive an invoice and lessons must be paid in advance either by cash or directly through the bank.

A booking may be cancelled without cost when 48 hours notice is given otherwise the lesson fee must charged. 

* The price for  a one hour private coaching session is €60-

* A duo one hour coaching session is €75-

* Lessons are paid in blocks of four, you are not required to take a lesson weekly.  You may take one lesson and pay for only that if you wish to do a try out session.

* It is advised to take at least one coaching session per week. You are not under obligation to have a weekly lesson, if you wish to book twice or once a month that is permissible.

It seems that messages  were not reaching me from the website.

Apologies if you wrote to me and didn’t get a reply, please try again.

You may also phone me 06- 438 588 11.

I am busy working but I’m never too busy for you.

Coaching Options

Coaching Options


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